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 Tourist Program:Tbilisi sulfur baths, Fortress Narikala , Temple Metechi, Tbilisi Botanical Garden




     TBILISI is the capital of Georgia,the city stretches along  both banks of the Mtkvari River that runs for more than 36kg.Tbilisi,one of the ancient cities of the world, is more  than 1500 years old. By the way, King Vakhtang Gorgasali(446-502) went hunting one day around the territory of  today TBILISI which was then a dense forest. The King wounded a pheasant and sent his falcon in pursuit. After the long search the two birds were found boiled in hot spring. King Gorgasali was so impressed with the naturally hot sulphur water that he decided to found a city near the springs and call it Tbilisi. “Tbili”  means warm in Georgian.  


 Tbilisi sulfur baths and Abanotubani

Tbilisi  is best known for its ancient sulphuric baths. This historical section of the city is an important part of Tbilisi. thanks to its healing properties, some baths converted to water treatment facilities. A few hours spent in the warm water source, the person is improving considerably and gets a lot of fun. The baths consist of separate booths with individual small pool filled with sulphuric water. Just sit in such water - and all diseases will be gone. And after the special massage you will feel like you are born again.



  Botanical garden

Botanical garden One of the most scenic places in Tbilisi is located near the old fortress Narikala. the Garden there listed about 3500 types of plants from around the world. And for the visitors, the Botanical Gardens - is a place for relaxation, where you can wander for hours among the trees of Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Under one of bridges is a beautiful waterfall, which became a favorite place for walking.


 Fortress Narika

Fortress Narikala The greatness of this castle goes into the depths of centuries. It impresses with its high walls, and its inaccessibility of towers, located on Mount Mtatsminda, offering a view of the whole Tbilisi. Founded around the IV century, it is the same age as the city. Narikala fortress   It is the most known and ancient monument of Tbilisi .the townspeople call it “the heart and soul of the city . It is now fifteen hundred years, Georgia has grown, and the fortress still overlooks the town, keeping a history of the Georgian capital.


Temple Metechi

On the rocky shore of the river Kura, on a small hill, there stands witness of the long history of Tbilisi - the temple Metechi. First, there stood a palace of local kings, which was allegedly built by Vakhtang Gorgasali, founder of the city.

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